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The Bare Facts on PSV CSO files and ISO format files

PS Vita ROMsPSV CSO files are common in the internet. Those PSV Rom files are actually compressed through a method which is used in an ISO format.  PSV ISO & CSO files are actually compressed versions of PlayStation Portable UMD type games that would use the file extension .DAX. In reality, PSV CSO files or CISO files are different from ISO files since the ISO format is actually common to computer applications while the PS Vita rom file format is only applicable the PlayStation Portable devices. The main reason as to why the PSV CSO files are invented is to save more memory from various games. The first code which was applied was actually based on better compression. Since the PlayStation CSO files are compressed perfectly using this method, more games can actually run on the device. The first versions of .DAX and .JSO, which can also be used for PlayStation Vita Roms, actually have a lot of issues such as lags and hangs. Yet, after a couple of years, the new version for PSV CSO files was applied.

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The compression type used in PSV roms is actually based on 9 levels of compression. The compression type introduces a new form of files which would not have any time consuming loading parts from the game and heavy disc streams. UMD files would be able to run perfectly even though there are some anti-piracy tools which are installed within the PSV. Aside from the significant changes in gaming, those PSV isos which are compressed would actually allow several other programs to run within the system. For instance, several emulators can now run within the system since some games can now be compressed using PlayStation cso types. Those games would be able to effectively run within the device without any problems of overloading the memory since they are compressed using the PSV ISO files compression method. Amazingly, some files such as Sega Mega-CD based games are also in PlayStation Vita game rom file format.

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