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PSV ROM games are actually backup copies of the actual games themselves, the only difference is that you no longer need to insert a UMD in the PSV to play these games. Instead the only thing you need to do is place as many of them inside the memory stick of the PSV and you can access it from there.

Why would you want to use PSV ROM games? Well there are a lot of valid reasons why you should, and here are some of them:

  1. You can use PSV ROM games as backup copies – If you own an original copy of a game that you enjoy so much that you cannot help but play it over and over again? Well to save your precious game from all the wear and tear that you will undoubtedly put on it you should make a backup copy of said game and use that instead. Using a homebrew application, you will be able to load the PSV ROM games directly from the memory stick, no need for the UMD of the game.
  2. Using PSV ROM games can extend your PSV's battery life – Since the games will be loaded from the flash memory of the memory stick there will be no moving parts that will drain the energy from the battery, unlike when you insert a UMD. With PSV ROM games you will be able to enjoy your gaming experience for a longer time.
  3. With PSV ROM games you can take your entire game library with you wherever you go – The primary reason why you got a PSV in the first place is because you want a portable gaming device, but if you have a lot of games and you cannot bear the thought of leaving even one of them behind you will need to carry a separate bag for them, then your PSV will not be quite as portable. This is not a problem when using PSV ROM games. With PSV ROM games you can save as many games as you can in your memory stick, with large enough capacity memory sticks you can bring your entire game library with you anywhere you go.

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There is still a debate going on whether it is legal for a person to own PSV ROM games since it can be considered as piracy, but if you actually own a copy of the games and you just need the PSV ROM games as backups then it should not be a problem. You can easily make PSV ROM games by extracting the UMD image file from the game disc and saving it in your computer's hard drive for use later on. To use them you just need to install a homebrew game launcher on your PSV (which can easily be downloaded from the internet) and you can immediately start playing.

There are lots of advantages in using PSV ROM games, so why don't you give them a try yourself? Unlock your PSV's full potential and start playing with PSV ROM games today!

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